GEOFIN Working Paper No. 4

Mikuš, M. (2019) Financialization of the state in postsocialist East-Central Europe: analysis of secondary quantitative data. GEOFIN Working Paper No. 4. Dublin: GEOFIN research, Trinity College Dublin.


This working paper makes first exploratory steps in GEOFIN’s empirical study of the financialization of the state in eleven European Union member states in postsocialist East-Central Europe (ECE-11). Following a description of the geographic, historical and political economic context of ECE-11, the core of the paper is a descriptive and comparative analysis of internationally comparable secondary quantitative data of relevance for the financialization of states in ECE-11. Synthetic conclusions draw out the key patterns and trends and suggest a more limited set of national-level case studies to be researched in-depth in the future.

Keywords: core-periphery relations; East-Central Europe; financialization; the state.

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