GCEG Dublin – Call for Papers

Financialisation: Disruptions, Displacements and Discontents

Organised by: Leonardo Pataccini, Martin Sokol and Jennie Stephens

This session invites papers that will address financialisation and its disruptions, displacements and discontents, from both theoretical and empirical perspectives and from a variety of scales from the local and regional to the trans-territorial and global. We welcome papers that will cover areas less researched including (but not limited to) the financialisation of banks, financialisation and monetary policy, financialisation of the state, financialisation of higher education, financialisation of nature, financialisation of climate governance, financialisation of energy systems, etc., as well as more established areas such as financialisation of housing & real estate, financialisation of households, and corporate financialisation. We particularly welcome contributions that would explore the links between different areas of financialisation, while considering multidimensional and mutually reinforcing disruptions and displacements caused by financialisation.

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GCEG Dublin, call for papers