GEOFIN International Seminar with Fabio Contel “The financialization of the Brazilian territory (1964-2017): Main aspects” (19th April 2018)

GEOFIN International Seminar

Title: “The financialization of the Brazilian territory (1964 – 2017): Main aspects”

Speaker: Professor Fabio Betioli Contel (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Date: Thursday 19th April 2018

Time: 1-2pm

Venue: GGSR-A, Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin

Free event: All welcome

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About the speaker:

Professor Contel holds a degree in Geography from the University of São Paulo (1994) a Master’s degree and PhD in Human Geography from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (2001/2006). He was a PhD researcher at the Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena (Germany) in 2005, where he later returned as a Visiting Research Professor in 2007. Since 2008 he has been lecturing at the Department of Geography at University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently holding a Visiting Fellowship at the School of Geography of the University of Oxford (2017/2018). Prof Contel has experience in the area of economic geography, urban geography and financialisation of geographical space.

About the event:

This lecture is organised by the Finance, Economy & Society (FES) Research Group and sponsored by ERC GEOFIN research “Western Banks in Eastern Europe: New Geographies of Financialisation” (Project No. 683197). The event is presented as part of the “Distinguished International Lecturers in Geography” lecture series.

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Prof Fabio Contel (Photo by M. Sokol)