Seminar with Alicja Bobek and Marek Mikuš

Thanks to Alicja and Marek for a very enjoyable seminar!

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New blog post by Alicja Bobek: ‘Subordinated Financialisation’?: The Role of Credit and Debt in Everyday Lives of Households in East-Central Europe

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New blog post by Sara Benceković: Western banks-led financialisation in Croatia: A paper delivered at the workshop for Ireland-based postgraduate students researching Central and Eastern Europe

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GEOFIN Working Papers No. 9, 10 & 11 now available (by Marek Mikuš, Alicja Bobek and Leonardo Pataccini)

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New article by Martin Sokol and Leonardo Pataccini in Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie: “Winners And Losers In Coronavirus Times: Financialisation, Financial Chains and Emerging Economic Geographies of the Covid-19 Pandemic”

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Happy New Year from the GEOFIN research team

Let’s hope that 2021 is a better year for everyone!

New blog post by Martin Sokol: From a pandemic to a global financial meltdown? Preliminary thoughts on the economic consequences of Covid-19

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New blog post by Sara Benceković: Financialisation and sub-national banking geographies in Croatia – introducing my PhD research

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Dr Leonardo Pataccini joins the GEOFIN team

The GEOFIN research team in TCD Geography welcomes Leonardo Pataccini, who joins us as a Research Fellow to work on the financialisation of banks in the Baltic countries. Dr Pataccini obtained his PhD in social sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He possesses an interdisciplinary background, combining sociology, international economics, finance and history, […]

New book by Petra Rodik

Congratulations to Dr Petra Rodik, former GEOFIN Research Fellow, on the publication of her new book: (Pre)zaduženi: Društveni aspekti zaduženosti kućanstava u Hrvatskoj / (Over)indebted: Social Aspects of Household Indebtedness in Croatia (Zagreb: Naklada Jesenski i Turk, 2019).