Call for Papers – IGC 2024:

35th International Geographical Congress, Dublin, Ireland (24th – 30th August 2024)

C.09: Dynamics of Economic Spaces

In-person paper session:

Financial innovations for transformative climate and economic justice

Session organisers:

  • Martin Sokol (Associate Professor of Geography, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) –
  • Jennie Stephens* (Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Northeastern University, Boston, USA; Radcliffe-Salata Climate Justice Fellow at Harvard 2023-2024, Cambridge, USA) – (*Session Chair)

Session abstract:

Financial systems have potential to be both drivers of and barriers to the transformative changes that are urgently needed to advance climate justice and promote economic justice. Fossil fuel phaseout and transformation toward a more stable, equal, healthier society based on a more caring solidarity economy requires financial innovation. Recognition of the central role that financial innovations, financial flows, and financial processes have on transformative social change is rapidly growing, and collective calls for fundamental transformation of financial systems are becoming more frequent.

This session invites contributions which explore different kinds of financial innovations that would advance climate justice and economic justice. Papers focused on financial innovations of all kinds are welcome – from public banks to private finance innovations; from transformative monetary and fiscal policies to bank lending, worker-owned cooperatives and community cooperatives. Papers situated at various geographical scales are also welcome from macro-innovations designed to transform the global financial system as a whole; to multinational financial institutions; to radical national and transnational central bank interventions and transformative financial regulations; as well as innovations at local levels, including community banks, alternative local currency schemes or micro-level financial innovations for climate justice. Innovations that link these scales together are invited, including contributions relating to the Global North, Global South, Global East, and everything in between. Both conceptual and empirical-based papers are welcome.

Deadline: Friday 12th January 2024


Abstracts (max. 250 words) must be submitted via submission portal. Details here: You will find our session under Congress Commission C.09: Dynamics of Economic Spaces. While submitting your abstract you will be able to indicate if you also intend to attend the RGS-IBG 2024 conference in London (28th – 30th August 2024). IGC is working with the RGS to ensure that delegates who wish to attend both conferences will be able to do so.

Please also email a copy of your abstract to and

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Rethinking Growth: Towards a Wellbeing Economy for Ireland, 25th- 26th June 2024.

Event: Rethinking Growth: Towards a Wellbeing Economy for Ireland

When:  Tuesday  25th June 2024 – Wednesday 26th June at 5pm

Where: Venue: Dargan Auditorium, Trinity Business School


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(Dr Martin Sokol, member of the conference organising committee).