GEOFIN Blog #8 – Financialisation and sub-national banking geographies in Croatia – introducing my PhD research (by Sara Benceković)

Being a part of the GEOFIN project, my PhD focuses on financialisation as one of the key, yet severely understudied, features of capitalist penetration into the East-Central European countries since the dissolution of the old state-socialist system. Aiming to explain the particular ways in which financialisation penetrates and manifests itself in the East-Central European periphery, […]

GEOFIN Blog #7 – ‘Subordinated Financialisation’? The Role of Credit and Debt in Everyday Lives of Households in East-Central Europe (by Alicja Bobek)

“The issue of household financialisation, and financialisation of everyday life, has gained increased interest over the past few decades. It has been argued that financialisation of households is part of a broader socio-economic transition, which involves an overall growing importance of financial institutions and logics. At the core of this shift is the withdrawal of […]

GEOFIN Blog #11 – The post-pandemic city: what could possibly go wrong (by Martin Sokol)

The Covid-19 pandemic has reignited debates about the future of cities. Optimists hope that – in response to the pandemic – our cities can become greener, healthier, smarter, more pleasant to work and live in, more economically resilient and more sustainable. This blog post argues that while such positive goals are potentially achievable, there is […]

GEOFIN Blog #10 – Western banks-led financialisation in Croatia: A paper delivered at the workshop for Ireland-based postgraduate students researching Central and Eastern Europe (by Sara Benceković)

Writing a PhD thesis is an individual endeavour, but that does not mean one has to do it alone. Often, I find that I can advance my dissertation when I work together with my colleagues, discussing puzzling topics or stuck-points over coffees or running my notes on different readings. This drive towards making my PhD […]

GEOFIN Blog #9 – From a pandemic to a global financial meltdown? Preliminary thoughts on the economic consequences of Covid-19 (by Martin Sokol)

While fighting against Covid-19 continues and saving lives must remain the priority right now, some unavoidable questions are starting to bite: What will be the economic consequences of the pandemic? Are we heading for a wide-spread economic collapse? Is a global financial meltdown coming? In the current fast-evolving situation, with global infections and death toll […]

GEOFIN Blog #6 – Financialization of the State: Preliminary Analysis for Croatia – Presentation at the Croatian National Bank (by Marek Mikuš)

“Financialization of the State: Preliminary Analysis for Croatia” was the title of a presentation I delivered for the Croatian National Bank in Zagreb on 6th June 2019 as part of GEOFIN’s stakeholder engagement and outreach. My talk, delivered in Croatian, was the 30th iteration of the Bank’s occasional Economics Workshop (Ekonomska radionica) series, which hosts […]

GEOFIN Blog #5 – Western European Banking Groups in East-Central Europe: A Preliminary Overview (by Martin Sokol)

“Western European Banking Groups in East-Central Europe: A Preliminary Overview” is a title of a joint paper with Dr Dal Maso which I delivered at the 6th FinGeo Global Seminar in São Paulo, Brazil (Dal Maso and Sokol, 2019). Our paper was part of a special session on ‘Finance and uneven development in Eastern Europe’, […]

GEOFIN Blog #4 – Public debt, capital flows and financialization of the state in East-Central Europe (by Marek Mikuš)

The expansion of public debt and changes in its regulation were key processes through which states have been financialized in past few decades. Through increased costs of debt repayment (and in some cases risk of default), financial markets discipline states and potentially subject public policies to their interests, norms and ideas. States, for their part, […]

GEOFIN Blog #3 – Chaining Households to Financial Markets: Micro-level Interest-Bearing Strategies of Western Banks in Croatia (by Petra Rodik)

The 6th FinGeo Global Seminar in São Paulo, Brazil (15-17 May 2019; included a session on ‘Finance and uneven development in Eastern Europe’. I prepared a paper titled “Chaining Households to Financial Markets: Micro-level Interest-Bearing Strategies of Western Banks in Croatia“ (Rodik, 2019a). While I was unable to travel to São Paulo myself, I […]

GEOFIN Blog #2 – Contestations of the financialization of housing in Croatia and Hungary (by Marek Mikuš)

On 20–21 March 2019, I attended and delivered a paper in the wonderful workshop on “Moral Dimensions of Economic Life in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia”, organized by Dimitra Kofti, Nicolette Makovicky and Jörg Wiegratz at St Antony’s College in Oxford. The paper explores the moral dimensions of housing debt and its politicization by new […]