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GEOFIN Blog #15 – Degentrify.Europe seminar in Berlin (by Zsuzsanna Pósfai)

Degentrify.Europe seminar in Berlin I participated in the workshop of the freshly established Degentrify.Europe network in Berlin between the 21-23rd of October 2021. The network was established by different initiatives engaged in anti-speculative real estate projects in Brussels, Riga, Rennes, Berlin and so on. Most of them have been engaged in the social-purpose temporary use […]

GEOFIN Blog #14 – ENHR conference paper: Housing finance beyond individual mortgages – how to finance new forms of affordable housing in Eastern Europe?

The paper I presented at the annual (online) conference of the European Network of Housing Researchers (ENHR)  explored how the boundaries of the current system of housing finance could be pushed in a way to produce more affordable housing in Eastern Europe generally and in Hungary specifically. An important aspect of this inquiry is to […]

GEOFIN Blog #13 – Conference news: Thirty years of capitalist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: inequalities and social resistance (by Zsuzsanna Pósfai)

This was a conference organized by the Institute for Social Solidarity at the Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania. Originally planned to happen in April 2020, postponed multiple times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and eventually organized online in May 2021, this conference was a great gathering of critical scholars working on the Central and Eastern European […]