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GEOFIN Blog #9 – From a pandemic to a global financial meltdown? Preliminary thoughts on the economic consequences of Covid-19 (by Martin Sokol)

While fighting against Covid-19 continues and saving lives must remain the priority right now, some unavoidable questions are starting to bite: What will be the economic consequences of the pandemic? Are we heading for a wide-spread economic collapse? Is a global financial meltdown coming? In the current fast-evolving situation, with global infections and death toll […]

GEOFIN Blog #1 – What is GEOFIN about? (by Martin Sokol)

GEOFIN is a 5-year research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and titled “Western Banks in Eastern Europe: New Geographies of Financialisation”. As its name suggests, the project is concerned with ‘financialisation’ – a process that can be described simply as a growing power of finance over societies and economies. Financialisation is increasingly […]