Dimitrios Paraskevas (former Research Project Officer)

photo of Dimitrios Paraskevas

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dimitrios-paraskevas-06759ba0/


Dimitri joined GEOFIN as his next step in a diverse and extensive career across private, public and academic sectors with particular expertise in the development and implementation of large-scale projects, processes and systems updates in complex environments. Previous roles included leading the administrative management of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Trinity College, working as the accountant/office manager of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin, and developing customer service strategies for Barclays Bank’s credit card in Greece.

GEOFIN research

Trained as an Environmental Scientist in Trinity’s School of Natural Sciences and with a keen interest in the rich culture of Eastern Europe, Dimitri is perfectly placed to support the work of GEOFIN as its Research Project Officer. His duties include maintaining the project website, co-ordinating social media communications from the GEOFIN team, as well as research support and project/financial management responsibilities.